Room Calorimetry – The Gold Standard in Measuring Human Metabolism
The most accurate measurement of metabolism for your ground-breaking treatment

The Metabolic Lab is based on two high quality completely sealed respiratory chambers (room calorimeters) and one of a kind and advanced high-tech technology to investigate all aspects of human metabolism.

Measurements of energy metabolism in a respiratory chamber are the most sophisticated measures of energy homeostasis because they allow real-time simultaneous measurement of Energy Expenditure and substrate oxidation (fat vs. carbs) in an experimental setting
For the first time, technology previously available only in overseas research facilities makes it possible for our patients here in Israel!
The conventional way to prescribe energy intake (the "diet") requires RMR and a real daily energy expenditure physical activity assessment and both may be subject to great errors, especially if neither of the variables are directly measured.

The 1st 11,500 liters square cube room has nice comfort facilities – sofa, TV, internet, working table etc. and allows measurements of Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) & unique Thermic Effect of Food.

The other, 12,500 liters square cube room has an advanced activity equipment -treadmill, biking trainer and resistance training kit for Physical Activity & Exercise Energy Expenditure assessment
Subject enter the chambers for several hours at a time (a maximum of 24) and O2/CO2 but also environment factors – temperature, relative humidity and pressure are tightly controlled.

Briefly, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are measured throughout the chamber stay from which, Energy Expenditure and substrate oxidation are calculated minute by minute to capture dynamic changes in energy metabolism.
All meals are served through a small window. For metabolism research urine samples & blood samples can be collected.
Additionally, motion (hands on) detectors (sensors) are calibrated via the chamber's data and used 24h/7 days at the patient's natural daily life for conclusive total energy expenditure.

?Why do we need it

Measuring how much energy our patients need to for losing or gaining weight

Understand the effects of dieting ("Metabolic Adaptation" in negative energy balance)

To evaluate patient's ability to burn different fuels & meal contents – Carbs vs. Fat.

To investigate exercise – calories burned & fluctuation in energy and substrate oxidation throughout exercising

Medication & nutritional supplements – metabolism efficacy and Adverse event profile






1Measuring how much energy our patients need to for losing or gaining weight

2Understand the effects of dieting ("Metabolic Adaptation" in negative energy balance)

3To evaluate patient's ability to burn different fuels & meal contents – Carbs vs. Fat.

4To investigate exercise – calories burned & fluctuation in energy and substrate oxidation throughout exercising

5Medication & nutritional supplements – metabolism efficacy and Adverse event profile

More about Human Whole Room Calorimeters

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